Elvenar is a strategy game that takes place in a fantasy-amazing world populated by different creatures. The developers of the German company InnoGames created the program in 2015. Follow the link on this page to download the free official version of the game Elvenar. In the game Elvenar an important part is not given to the conduct of the battle, but in the development of the character, his army and his city. The player will have to choose which of two races he will play for. The human race is a way to develop technology and architecture. Race elves - its magic and harmony with nature. In the game, there is a great variety of different creatures that are traded or fight.

The player will have to build a city with an efficient economy, the appearance of buildings can change, improving them, and this requires either collecting or extracting resources. Exploring the map the hero can meet allies, enemies, or find ancient artifacts that will help in the development of the city. Combat in the game Elvenar is in turn-based mode, the troops are advancing a few hexes, attacking the enemy with the force of the squad or using spells.

The game has a paid feature for the real money you can buy the necessary resources or artifacts.

The program works on platforms: Android, iOS.

Elvenar game features

  • the ability to install the game on a PC or mobile device;
  • many colorful locations;
  • multi-user mode;
  • exchange of goods with neighboring civilizations;
  • several options for the development of the city;
  • a wide choice of units for the team;
  • russian interface;
  • automatic game saving;
  • easy installation and registration;
  • paid features;
  • regular game updates.

How to install Elvenar 

To install the Elvenar program on your PC or mobile device, download the file that can be found on this page. Then open it and start installing, wait until the program is fully installed. Follow the registration procedure, Follow the registration procedure, then open the program and start the game.